About Us

Henry's Brand has been in the making since around 2015. It started with a simple Photoshop sketch of a pair of boardshorts, and then sat dormant for a while. The main reason was that I had plenty of ideas for clothing, but couldn't think of a good name for a brand. I felt my requirements for getting things made in California and to the quality standards I envisioned weren't possible. Fast forward to a rainy day in February 2018. The name Henry's popped into my head, and it felt perfect being my middle name. It sounded classic. So I immediately called Alex Seastrom (production wizard) and asked if my ideas were possible. He said yes. And thus Henry's Brand was born. 


The goal with Henry's Brand is to make clothing as authentically as we can to the way it used to be done. Everything is made in California by your friends and neighbors. U.S. citizens making U.S. wages, what a concept right? Most big clothing companies make their clothing overseas in third world countries, paying those employees pennies on the dollar(the actual reality of it is even more grim). There aren't any cutting corners around here. From the fabric, to the dye process, to cutting and sewing, everything starts from scratch. No, we aren't using pre-made blanks from some mega t-shirt company, we aren't making thousands or even hundreds of units per item. In order to keep our clothing affordable our margins aren't very good, and would probably make major clothing companies cringe. Each thing we make is limited to 50 pieces per color, and some things may be limited to 25, 15, 10, etc etc. Our goal is to make timeless, quality U.S. made clothing that is up to old fashioned standards.


Founder/Designer: Thomas Henry Green, Photographer/Web Manager 

Production: Alex Seastrom, Clothing Wizard/Wildcard